What Does 777 Mean?


According to numerology, the number 777 means that a lesson has been learnt. It is a sign of achievement and acknowledgement that your spirit guides want you to learn in your life. Religiously, the number represents celestial perfection, as manifested in the 3 planes of existence; the body, soul and spirit.
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In the Hebrew language, each number corresponds to a letter with a specific meaning. The number 7 corresponds to the letter Zayin, which is said to mean sword. Some believe that Zayin
777 is thought to be God's number. It's often thought of as good luck. It is also called the "divine"
60.9 metres to 64.8 metres.
It is the number of the sacred work of the sons of God for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the Earth.
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777 in the Bible mean the book of the Genesis contains 777+777-21 verses. It also means age of Lamech, father of Noah, when he died. In the posterity of Seth, ...
777 is a number has various meanings some of which are the flaming sword in Qabalah system, black magic for controlling thoughts in Aleister Crowley's book, the ...
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