What Eats the Dormouse?


Dormice enjoy eating hazelnuts. They also feed on flowers, insects and a wide variety of nuts. These rodents are nocturnal and usually hibernate during the cold season when there is a drop in the supply of food.
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Dormice have a variety of natural predators such as owls, weasels and stoats. However, predation is not a major concern for these animals as they form less than one in one thousand prey for their natural predators, especially the owl.
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grains, nuts, berries, flowers or insects.
What eats a fa doormouse is an owl because baci-cally it is just a regular mouse with door in front of it. Anonymous
They eat pollen flowers. Such as roses. Hope this helps
Try mixing the poison with peanut butter.
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grains, nuts, berries, flowers or insects. ...
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