What is a Fatty Tumor?


A fatty tumor (lipoma) is an over growth of fat cells. It is non cancerous (benign) , usually located just beneath the skin, and can occur almost anywhere on the body.
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A fatty tumor appears in one area of the skin and grows slowly. It doesn't spread to other areas of the body as a malignant cancer would. It is not normally painful. Since a lipoma
The technical name for a fatty tumor is a lipoma. This is a benign tumor of fatty tissues. The most common type is a superficial subcutaneous lipoma which is just below the surface
A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of fatty
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Benign fatty tumors are commonly known in the medical community as lipomas. These fatty tumors are mostly painless and very soft to the touch. They are also able ...
A fatty tumour is generally a tumour of fatty tissue. Such are medically referred to as lipomas; they grow slowly as painless swellings, and are very commonly ...
Fatty tumors are commonly referred to as lipoma's. The cause of fatty tumors can be from a traumatic injury or possibly a genetic history of growing fatty tumors ...
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