How to Kiss Someone Neck?


The neck is a great place to kiss. Start off very gently with light, barely there kisses. Work your way down from their ears to the nape of the neck. The area where it joins the shoulder is a very sensitive part. Don't forget to add in a light lick
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1 Touch the neck first, to make sure the person you are about to kiss on the neck is not too sensitive in that area. Some people have issues with different parts of the body so it
1. Cuddle. first. 2. Hug the person from behind or front putting your head close to theirs. 3. Nuzzle your face in the spot where their shoulder meets their neck. 4. Move their hair
Kissing one the neck is no different then giving a "peck" on the lips. Be gentle, slight "pucker" of the lips. There's really no way to be wrong. Simply try something
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