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An abscessed tooth occurs deep in the tooth or gum and it is caused by a bacteria. The bacteria spread to the tissue close to the tooth or gum and form an infected pocket or abscess. Pain when chewing is one of the symptoms of an abscessed tooth.
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A dental abscess looks like an accumulation of pus on the gums. It can be seen by stretching the lips outwards as inflamed areas are at the base of the tooth.
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An abscessed tooth usually has a protruding pocket around the gum line. It can be red and swollen or look white and puss filled. It is often painful and your tooth can feel as if
1. If you have developed an abscessed tooth and cannot get in to see your dentist immediately, attempt to get a same-day appointment with your medical provider or go to the nearest
1 Call your dentist immediately if you suspect a tooth abscess. The infection can become serious quickly, and it's important to start treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms of a
Untreated tooth abscess. is very dangerous. If abscessed tooth left untreated, the tooth infection can spread and you can lose your tooth or have other health problems. Left untreated
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The important questions is not what does it look like. The important question is what does it feel like. Ouch. A tooth abscess cannot be a pretty site, because ...
When a top tooth has become abscessed, the roof of your mouth immediately near the tooth may appear red and swollen, and may even take on a shiny white appearance ...
A tooth abscess looks like a painful swelling that is filled with pus. This forms an obstruction around the infection and it shows at the tip of a tooth's root ...
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