What do Polyps Look Like?


A polyp is a growth and can be either flat or raised. Oddly enough, they look like a ball on the end of a small stick. They can grow out of the membranes lining in various parts of the body.
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Polyps are the abnormal cells that are formed in the large intestine that look like a mushroom or like a small size ball.
Appearance While vaginal pimples are somewhat different from the imperfections that typically surface on a woman's face, this type of blemish will appear virtually the same as your
A colon polyp is a growth on the surface of the colon. They can be raised or flat. They look like a
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Vaginal polyps are abnormal growths of skin which develop inside the vagina, and are normally described as skin tags which looks like stalks of skins or small ...
Vaginal polyps are caused by long-term (chronic) inflammation, an abnormal response to an increase in oestrogen levels or congestion of blood vessels in the cervical ...
The cause of vaginal polyps is not really known but are thought to be the result of infection. Cervical polyps look like smooth, red, and finger shaped growths ...
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