What Does Ambient Temperature Mean?


Ambient temperature is the temperature which surrounds an object under discussion. It denotes a certain temperature to which humans are accustomed. Ambient temperature also does not take into account the humidity or wind in the air which can be affected by humidity.
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Ambient temperature refers to the air temperature of an environment or room. Maintenance of a suitable ambient temperature is vital to the proper performance and longevity of equipment. A safe range is that between 15 and 21 degrees Celsius.
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Ambient temperature simply refers to the temperature of the immediate surroundings or environment. While it may be thirty degrees outside, the ambient temperature of your living room
around 68-72 F ( 20-21C) is where everyone is comfortable at 50% relative humidity.
1. Identify which type of thermostat you own. You will likely have a dial-controlled thermostat, a digital touch-screen thermostat or a digital thermostat with buttons. 2. Select
(DOD) Outside temperature at any given altitude, preferably expressed in degrees centigrade.
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