How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Pants OR Your House?


Where is that bottle of rubbing alcohol? Just as soon as you get rid of the ants in your pants by taking a warm shower you are going to need that bottle of RUBBING ALCHOHOL and a spray bottle (empty and clean) if you have one. Pour rubbing alcohol
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if you had ants in your pants you would be squirming about. You would be a fidget, cannt sit still It could also mean that you are very excited or your jumping around like your trying
To have ants in one's pants is slang to be restless or
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When you hear someone say that someone has 'ants in their pants' they are referring to someone who cannot stay still. The phrase is also used to refer to someone ...
An ant in the pants is an idiom used to explain someone's anxiousness or nervousness. It is also used to depict an individual who is uneasy and restless, habitually ...
Getting ants in your pants or house is certainly an irritating problem. To get rid of ants in your pants simply shake them out. To get ants out of the house, find ...
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