How to be the Chiquita Banana Woman for Halloween.?


1. Spray paint the foam wreath, covering it completely. Let dry. 2. Glue the plastic fruit onto the wreath, covering it completely. Let dry. 3. Dress up in the skirt, shirt, red shoes, red earring and red lipstick. 4. Place the fruit wreath on top of
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[chi-kee-tuh; Spanish chee-kee-tah]
a female given name: from a Spanish word meaning “small.”
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Chiquita is a Spanish word meaning small or petite girl. ChaCha on!
Chiquita in Spanish means small, tiny, or little. It come from the Latin word Chique meaning little.
"Belly," released in 1998, doesn't list this cha
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Chiquita means petite or little. It has gained popularity as a slang referring to someone pretty. Thus Chiquita is a very popular first name for females in the ...
Chiquite means 'small' or 'little' in English. This word basically has Spanish origins. It's also a feminine world whose masculine would be 'chiquito'. ...
The name Chiquita means 'Little Girl'. Its origin is in Spain although the name is used in reference to female babies and children from a large number of other ...
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