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Chronograph is a timepiece that is both a watch and stopwatch. There are two types of chronograph pieces, digital and analog-digital. Pocket chronographs were produced in the 18th century but didn't become popular until the 1820's.
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[kron-uh-graf, -grahf]
a timepiece fitted with a recording device, as a stylus and rotating drum, used to mark the exact instant of an occurrence, especially in astronomy.
a timepiece capable of measuring extremely brief intervals of time accurately, as a stopwatch able to record fractions of a second as well as elapsed time.
to time by means of a chronograph.
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1. Assemble the chronograph unit in an area that can safely be used as a shooting range. Some chronographs must be unfolded before they can be used. If the chronograph is being used
A chronographer, noun, is one who writes a description or record of...
It can have many uses. * Chronograph for measuring short time periods. * Double chronograph or rattrapante, split seconds timing or lap timing. * Flyback chronograph, can be reset
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