What was the First Computer Virus?


Viruses are not good if you get them as humans so they really are not good for computers. The first computer virus was called a trojan and caused damage to the computer's hard drive.
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computer virus
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If your computer is slow to start up, you either have too many programs starting at once or you have a virus. If you suspect it is your programs, remove them from your start-up list
1 Understand the types of viruses possible. There are plenty of viruses being transmitted through software and from online and some are more detrimental than others. In addition,
1. Observe any sudden and consistent drop in your computer's processing speed or computer crashes. A virus infection will often take up resources on your computer, causing programs
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Computer viruses are programs written by mean people. These virus programs are placed into a commonly used program so that program will run the attached virus ...
it means when your computer has a flu or something i think. ...
The effects of a virus will depend on the nature of the virus; computer viruses for instance affect boot sectors of an operating system resulting in system instability ...
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