What is disparaging?


adjective Tending or intending to belittle: deprecative, deprecatory, depreciative, depreciatory, derogative, derogatory, detractive, low, pejorative, slighting, uncomplimentary. See praise/blame.
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the act of disparaging.
something that derogates or casts in a bad light, as a remark or censorious essay.
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Disparagingly is an adjective that is defined as one that disparage...
The word disparage can be a noun and a verb. However, the noun form is no longer used in present day English.
disparagingly: in a disparaging manner
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Disparangement refers to a communication that belittles somebody or something. It also refers to the act of reducing in esteem or rank. Derogation, depreciation ...
Disparaging is the present participle of the word 'disparage' which means to show or regard as having little worth. It also refers to representing a negative statement ...
A disparaging remark is one that intentionally belittles or is uncomplimentary. Disparaging means 'expressive of low opinion'. A classic disparaging remark is ...
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