What Does Disseminate Mean?


Disseminate means to sow and scatter principles, ideas, opinions, and errors for growth and propagation, like seed. Its synonyms include spread, circulate and propagate.
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to scatter or spread widely, as though sowing seed; promulgate extensively; broadcast; disperse: to disseminate information about preventive medicine.
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noun The passing out or spreading about of something: circulation, dispersal, dispersion, distribution. See collect/distribute.
1. Recognize the symptoms of ADEM, whether in yourself, someone else or your child. Some symptoms are fever, fatigue, headache, nausea and vomiting. The person may also experience
It's from the Latin disseminatus, past participle of disseminare.It...
disseminate in Tagalog: ipahatid.
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Disseminated is the past tense of disseminate which refers to scatter widely, as in sowing seed, promulgate extensively, broadcast or disperse. The word may also ...
Disseminate means to scatter or distribute over a large area. Dissemination in agriculture refers to the practice of scattering seeds for growth in a spread out ...
Dissemination refers to the act of spreading something widely. This word is pronounced as dih-sem-uh-ney-shuhn and some of its synonyms include: airing, broadcasting ...
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