What Does ESP Mean?


Esp is an abbreviation for Extra-sensory perception, a paranormal ability to gain information through sensing with the mind other than through the ordinary senses. Esp is also the code for the Spanish Peseta, or Electronic Stability Program.
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Extra sensory perception is where you have some psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoiance. You are able to know things without using your other sense or from experience
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On a car it is electronic skid prevention. In a person it is extra sensory perception.
(ē'ĕs-pē') n. Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses. [e(xtra)s(ensory) p(erception).]
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The abbreviation esp means Extra Sensory Perception, English for specific purposes and Electro-Selective Pattern. Esp is also an acronym For Encapsulating Security ...
ESP is an abbreviation that stands for Electronic Stabilization Program. An Electronic Stabilization Program is an active safety system that uses the anti-lock ...
ESP Electronic stability programme ...
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