What does "excrete" mean?


According to Dictionary.com, "excrete" is a word that refers to the process of eliminating waste from an organic body. All living organisms excrete waste matter, such as urine, sweat, carbon dioxide or feces, from the body through organs such as kidneys, skin, lungs and bowels.

Excrete is a verb that is used to describe the process of discharging waste. Waste refers to any matter within an organic body that does not contribute to the nutrition or growth of an organism. Human beings excrete waste on a daily basis through the biologic processes of the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system. The reproductive organs or sweat glands are used to excrete waste from the body. Excretion protects the human body from harmful bacteria and diseases and helps regulate homeostasis and the supply of nutrients within the body.

According to Princeton University, excretion is also important in removing metabolic and liquid wastes and excess water from an organism. This process of water elimination is carried out by the kidneys, which contain millions of capillaries, called the glomerulus, that help get rid of harmful toxins within the body. The kidneys also control the amount of water and expel wastes, such as urea, water and inorganic salts, through urine.

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to separate and eliminate from an organic body; separate and expel from the blood or tissues, as waste or harmful matter.
Source: Dictionary.com
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