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Excretion refers to the removal of waste matter from the body, such as urine or faecal matter – from either a plant or animal body. These wastes are removed as a result of the metabolic processes that occur, in which substances such as nutrients broken down and then the by-products are removed.
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to separate and eliminate from an organic body; separate and expel from the blood or tissues, as waste or harmful matter.
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Excretion is what the body does to remove waste and toxins from itself. Fluid is excreted in vaious ways, through urination, sweat, and even from your nose. If the body could not
Answer Excretion is a biological process by which metabolic waste products and toxic materials are removed from the body of an organism. Its an essential part in life, c0z it gets
The issue of dolphin excretion has three parts: solid waste excretion, salt excretion and urine excretion. Solid waste excretion begins with the stomach. Dolphins possess a three-chambered
Excrete is to separate and eliminate or discharge (waste) from the
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Excretion refers to the process of discharging waste matter from the tissues, blood or organs. It involves he removal of matter, such as urine, faeces and sweat ...
Excrete means to separate and eliminate from an organic body. It can also be defined as separate and expel from the tissues or blood as waste or harmful matter ...
Paramecium is classified under protist. It looks like a bottom of a shoe when observed under the microscope. It excretes waste and excess water by means of vacuoles ...
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