What is An Infraction?


In United States criminal law, an infraction is the term used to describe a violation of a rule, regulation, local ordinance, promise, or obligation. An infraction is considered a minor violation or offense, which is less serious than a misdemeanor.
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breach; violation; infringement: an infraction of the rules.
Medicine/Medical an incomplete fracture of a bone.
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It is a breaking of the law or a failure to follow other guidelines or posted statements of protocol.
1. Obtain written permission to access a person's driving record. Include a statement on your employment application confirming that a signature gives consent to a driver's license
An infraction is a breach, violation, or infringement. So yes, trespassing would be an
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Infractions are usually considered minor offenses. Meaning that they are not as serious as a misdemeanor. Depending on the circumstances, some infractions may ...
A misdemeanor is considered to be worse than an infraction. The laws vary per state but in most states an infraction means that one will be charged fines with ...
A Black Flag means that there has been an infraction which needs consultation with the event Agent. The chauffeur should bring the car to the hot pit on the next ...
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