How to Make a Bruise Go Away?


Although I personally have never been able to make bruises go away there are some things that make them less visible. Ice or ice water right after it happens can help. After about 2 days you can also try hot compresses to the area. Unfortunately the
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Bruises form when a small amount of blood leaks into the tissues under the skin, usually as the result of trauma. Bruises typically change in color from red to purple to yellow to
1 Find the bruise and cause. Find out where the bruise is. This shouldn't be too hard, just find where it hurts and check for a bruise. Also identifying the cause could help. Sometimes
Bruises are caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin. Deep bleeding can sometimes form a small clot - or haemotoma - which can be felt as a tender lump, and can last for ages
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Bruises can take up to four weeks to go away. However, discoloration that remains with pain at the site of injury could indicate a more serious issue, such as ...
When a bruise doesn't go away for a week, it really does not mean anything is wrong. The duration of a bruise depends on the individual. Some bruises heal in a ...
Bruises occur when the blood vessels underneath the skin break open and bleed under the skins surface. Bruises eventually go away after time and heal. ...
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