Who is or was L L Bean?


L.L. Bean, (Leon Leonwood Bean) was a man who loved the outdoors. Leon when hunting one time, and came home with extremely wet and cold feet, so he decided to create a boot that would be dry and comfortable. He therefore created a rubber bottom,
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The letter "I" in Roman numerals represents the number one. Other numerals are V, which is equivalent to the number five; X which is equal to ten; L which represents number
L.L.Bean is a privately-held mail-order and retail company based in...
1. Place a towel or other large, soft cloth on a table and lay the L204WT face down, so that the stand is hanging over the edge of the table. 2. Place one hand on the back of the
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L L Bean is a company that was founded in 1912 and sells outdoor equipment. They have 29 store locations in 10 states, and have an online website. L L Bean sells ...
L.L. Bean is a privately held company. It was started by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912. The control of the company remains in the hands of his descendents. ...
The letter 'L' can be used to refer to any of numerous things. It can be used as the symbol for the Roman numeral 50, an abbreviation for just about any word starting ...
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