What Does Lest Mean?


The word lest is used to mean for fear that or used after verbs explicitly expressing fear. An example as should be used in a sentence. He worried lest he should be late or I tiptoed lest I be heard by the security guard.
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(lĕst) conj. For fear that: tiptoed lest the guard should hear her; anxious lest he become ill. [Middle English, from Old English (thȳ) lǣs the, (whereby) less that
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Loisir, Environnement, Sport, Tourisme (French: Recreation, Environment, Sport, Tourism; various universities)
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The word lest means for fear that. It normally used after an expression that denotes fear or apprehension. It can also be used in place of the words in case and ...
First person's answer:A literal/direct translation doesn't make sense in french, so the best way of translating it is probably "sans oublier" which means ...
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