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A menorah is a seven-branched or nine-branched candelabrum used in the Jewish religion. The nine-branched menorah is used to signify the nine days of Hanukkah.
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[muh-nawr-uh, -nohr-uh]
a candelabrum having seven branches (as used in the Biblical tabernacle or the Temple in Jerusalem), or any number of branches (as used in modern synagogues).
a candelabrum having nine branches, for use on the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.
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-The menorah is a religious symbol in Judaism. The original 7-branched menorah was placed in the Temple (Exodus ch.25) and its flames burned day and night. In modern synagogues, a
1. Place the menorah in a central spot in your home where all who pass can see its glow. 2. Recite the following blessing at nightfall on the first day of Hanukkah before you light
A Chanukah menorah, or chanukiah, has nine holders for candles. Eight represent each day of Chanukah, and the ninth, called the shamash , or helper, is used to light the other candles
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The middle candlestick in a Menorah represents the break between spring and fall feasts. The Menorah has seven feasts including Passover, Pentecost, trumpets and ...
The term 'Menorah' could refer to a sacred candelabrum with seven branches used in the Temple in Jerusalem. This particular candelabrum was originally made by ...
The meaning of the name Menora is 'candlestick'. Menora is a name of Hebrew origin and its alternative form is Menorah. Menora is not a popular baby name. ...
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