What is a Mistletoe?


Mistletoe is a hemiparasite able to grow on its own, but usually found growing on the branches or trunk of a tree. Did you know that mistletoe means, "Dung on a twig"?
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a European plant, Viscum album, having yellowish flowers and white berries, growing parasitically on various trees, used in Christmas decorations.
any of several other related, similar plants, as Phoradendron serotinum, of the U.S.: the state flower of Oklahoma.
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While many people prize mistletoe for its decorative qualities, the plant actually is an invasive parasite. Mistletoe can grow on its own, but it is more commonly found growing off
mistletoe is a Christmas decoration legend states that if two people are underneath a piece of mistletoe they must kiss or walk away mistletoe is also a very old plat that can be
1 Obtain mistletoe berries. Ripe mistletoe berries are pearly white and yield a glue-like pulp when crushed. Most ripen naturally in October and November and are harvested for Christmas
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The mistletoe is a name given to a Eurasian shrub that is comprised of leathery evergreen leaves as well as waxy white berries. This shrub is normally used as ...
As Candlegrove.com points out, tracing the history of mistletoe-induced kissing means going back to ancient Scandinavia -- to custom and the Norse myths: " ...
Meaning large European thrush that feeds on mistletoe berries Synonym(s) mistletoe thrush (what does mistletoe thrush mean?) mistle thrush (what does mistle thrush ...
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