What Does Non Luminous Mean?


Non Luminous is an English adjective that is used to refer to that which is not capable of producing light, but can be capable of reflecting light from another source. The most common example of a non luminous object is the moon.
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radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright.
lighted up or illuminated; well-lighted: the luminous ballroom.
brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, as a writer or a writer's works: a luminous concept; luminous prose.
clear; readily intelligible: a concise, luminous report.
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Unable to reflect light!
Non luminous is defined as not capable of producing light, but can be capable of reflecting light from
Non luminous object is something that does NOT emit light. luminous are those that emit light( ex. firefly, lightbulb etc.. )
Objects which don't absorb light to use later.
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