What Does Obo Mean?


The acronym OBO means 'Or Best Offer'. It is usually used in relation to advertisements of used or unwanted goods for sale.
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An oboe, no relation to a boa constrictor, is a musical instrument in the woodwind or reed family that looks somewhat like a clarinet, but sounds different.You can find more information
The oboe is a woodwind instrument that requires three pieces to assemble, and uses a reed, that can be purchased in different "strengths" I wouldn't consider this for anyone
1. Bite one end of the straw approximately 2 centimeters from its end and pull it out of your mouth with your teeth still pressing down to flatten it. 2. Make a cut on each side of
1 Assemble the oboe correctly. Ad 2 Take out the silk swab and pull it through the oboe, from the bell to the top. 3 Gently pull the swab out of the oboe. 4 Look through the bore
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OBO stands for or best offer. Usually the term is used when a seller lists a price he wants for an item followed by obo. This tells you his selling price is not ...
The meaning of Obo when selling cars is the Best Offer. This happens when the buyer is negotiating with the seller and after the best offer is said, that's when ...
There are funny words starting with an 'O' like Oggay Paa which means okay. Oboe is a funny word that starts with O and means a hot guy or Obageeze which means ...
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