What Does Pax Vobiscum Mean in English?


Pax vobiscum is Latin phrase that means ''peace be with you''. It can be used as a closing remark in letters, speeches or when bidding someone farewell.
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Pax vobiscum means peace with you, and is a salutation in the Catholic Mass and the Lutheran Divine Service. It can also be Pax vobis, meaning peace to you.
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Pax vobiscum means "Peace be with you." Thanks for using ChaCha!
Oszkár Damó
The Latin phrase "Pax vobiscum" means "Peace [be] with you" (the verb "to be" is often left unexpressed in Latin). It is frequently used in the Christian
Pax vobis (or vobiscum), like the other liturgical salutations, is of Scriptural origin. Pax vobiscum means "Peace be with you."
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