What is a praecipe?


Praecipe is any of various legal writs commanding a person to do something or to appear and show
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[pree-suh-pee, pres-uh-]
any of various legal writs commanding a defendant to do something or to appear and show why it should not be done.
a written order addressed to the clerk of the court requesting that a writ be issued and specifying its contents.
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praecipe (or spelled precipe) - A written order directing the issurance of a. specified writ. writ- a written order, under seal, issued by a court, and commanding the. person to whom
precipice for getting a divorce? you can get divorced for anything.
It means the mortgage company is dropping the case, reserving the right to refile at a later time.
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Praecipe means a legal term that is used in the US that commands a defendant to appear to show why an act should be done. It also requests the clerk of court to ...
Praecipe to discontinue means that the case has ended and/or is closed. If it is praecipe to discontinue with prejudice, it means the case is closed for good. ...
A praecipe for writ of summons basically means a formal written order issued by a court commanding for a defendant to appear and explain why a certain action or ...
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