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A silhouette is a drawing consisting of the outline of something, especially a human profile, filled in with a solid colour.
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a two-dimensional representation of the outline of an object, as a cutout or configurational drawing, uniformly filled in with black, especially a black-paper, miniature cutout of the outlines of a famous person's face.
the outline or general shape of something: the slim silhouette of a skyscraper.
a dark image outlined against a lighter background.
to show in or as if in a silhouette.
Printing. to remove the background details from (a halftone cut) so as to produce an outline effect.
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A silhouette is a sideview of a person. Many silhouette pictures are taken to only reveal the shadow of the sideview and then the front view of the person is imposed on top of that
A silhouette is the view of an object or scene consisting of only the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black. In photography, it means
1. a two-dimensional representation of the outline of an object, as a cutout or configurations drawing, uniformly filled in with black, esp. a black-paper, miniature cutout of the
1 Find a subject. This can be a person, fruit, dog...anything! But it should be someone or something that can stay still for a long period of time. Ad 2 Set up your area for tracing
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Silhouette is a noun and it means a likeness that is darkened and no features against a light background or the outline of something that is viewed as only as ...
The silhouette of the girls head symbolizes the lovely contours of Maria Clara and her aunt bearing glasses. The remaining symbols represent an individual or a ...
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