How to Play Sadness & Sorrow on the Piano.?


1. Obtain a copy of the sheet music for "Sorrow and Sadness. The name of the composer is Toshiro Masuda. You can purchase this at several online music stores or print a copy for free by visiting and typing the song name into the search
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[sor-oh, sawr-oh]
distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret.
a cause or occasion of grief or regret, as an affliction, a misfortune, or trouble: His first sorrow was the bank failure.
the expression of grief, sadness, disappointment, or the like: muffled sorrow.
to feel sorrow; grieve.
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1 The Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. The virtue to aspire to: True repentance for one's own sins. Ad
ΘΛΙΨΗ / θλίψη. Its root-word is the equivalent of the English word "friction" (ΘΡΙΨΗ / θ
Sorrow is distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc....
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if there is joy, there is sorrow. ...
Pathos means a quality that arouses emotions especially pity or sorrow. It is a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others. It also means a style ...
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