What Does Stunting Mean?


Stunting is when you perform tricks in cheerleading and acrobats. Some popular cheerleading stunts are the barrel roll and the double up.
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to stop, slow down, or hinder the growth or development of; dwarf: A harsh climate stunted the trees. Brutal treatment in childhood stunted his personality.
a stop or hindrance in growth or development.
arrested development.
a plant or animal hindered from attaining its proper growth.
Plant Pathology a disease of plants, characterized by a dwarfing or stunting of the plant.
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Some say that smoking will stunt your growth. Hormones are a likely cause, if your growth is not on average. Genetics factor in a lot, as does nutrition.
Typically, height growth is considered stunted if a child's height falls below the fifth percentile for that child's age group. To grow properly, children require essential vitamins
A stunt is an act that is physically challenging to perform, such as a trick on a skateboard or a back tuck.
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