What Are Synergistic Team Relations?


A synergistic relation constitutes any relationship in which two or more parties work together for the benefit of all parties involved. This term appears in a broad range of literature and describes a myriad of relationships, from those existing
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pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling synergy: a synergistic effect.
Chemistry, Pharmacology, Physiology acting as a synergist; producing synergism; interacting.
Theology of or pertaining to theological synergism or synergists.
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Synergist - a body organ, medicine, etc. that cooperates with another or others to produce or
Semitendinosus; Semimembranosus; Biceps Femoris; Gluteus maximus; Gluteus medius; Gluteus minimus; Tensor fasciae latae(TFL) Piriformis; Gemellus superior & inferior; Obturator
synergistically: (of group) in a synergistic or cooperative manner; (of drugs or muscles) in a synergistic or interactive manner
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There are several meanings for the word synergistic. If you are talking about drugs, then it is the effect of a drug that when used together with another specific ...
The pectoralis major and deltoid muscles are both classified as abductors. Abduct means to take away. Therefore, pectoralis major and deltoids synergistically ...
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