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TBC is an acronym that stands for a variety of phrases. They include To Be Continued, The Burning Crusade, To Be Considered, Thermal Barrier Coating, The Breakfast Club, Time-Base Corrector and To Be Completed.
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TBC is an acronym for many words including To Be Continued, Time Base Correction and Tactical Booking Centre. It is also stands for Territory Butyl Catechol, an organic chemical compound.
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TBC = Tauranga boys college, To Be Confirmed TBC= The Burning Crusade! TBC = That book cooks In cinemas TBC stands for.. To Be Continued
The Burning Crusade (gaming; World of Warcraft)
TBC stands for The Bible Channel. Enjoy!
I think you must have seen TBC in the tournament schedule. It means - To Be Confirmed. 1st semi-final - TBC v TBC. That's because they don't know which teams will qualify for semis.
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