What Does the Alveoli Look like?


The alveoli are small spherical structures and exist in bunches just like a bunch of grapes. They are usually red in color because they provide the interface for air exchange in blood.
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They look like bunch of grapes, only on a microscopic level.
The alveoli would be found in your stomach b/c they are a kind of pasta. Just kidding! The alveoli are some kind of breathing structure that can be found in the chest.
Think of grapes that are still on the vine/stems. The grapes are the alveoli, and the bronchus are the stems. Source(s): RN
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Alveoli are anatomical structures that have the form of a hollow cavity. Alveoli are meticulous to mammalian lungs. They contain some collagen, elastic fibres ...
The alveoli are located in the lungs. These small elements are important in the respiration process in the human or mammalian body. Their role is to increase the ...
Alveoli kind of sound like a an Italian dish that might be something good to eat but of course I am just kidding about that. It is actually little sacks that are ...
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