What are the Paraguay flag symbol meanings?


The stripes stand for Red stands for justice, white for peace, and blue for liberty.
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The Flag of Paraguay
The flag of Paraguay has three equal, horizontal bands of red (top), white, and blue with an emblem centered in the white band; unusual flag in that the emblem is different on each side; the obverse (hoist side at the left) bears the national coat of arms
National Anthem: Paraguayos, Republica o muerte! (Paraguayans, The Republic or Death!)
Flag of:
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Each side of the flag consists of 3 horizontal bands: red, white, and blue, with an
Paraguay Flags are made by CF Flag Source(s): http://www.republic-flag.com/
Ghana is playing against Uruguay not Paraguay.
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Paraguay is a Central South American Landlocked country. It is bordered by Argentina to the North-East, Brazil to the South-West and Bolivia to the North-West. ...
The colors on the flag of Paraguay are red, white, and blue. Red is on top, white in the middle, and blue on the bottom. Paraguay is the only country with a flag ...
Paraguay ...
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