What is a 'dara'?


Urban Dictionary describes "dara" the coolest person ever she is awesome and is the best and the hot...
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kwon jiyong aka gdragon of bigbang.
Daughter of noted Kaelon scientist, Timicin, and the mother of his only
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The name Dara means 'Pearl of Wisdom' for females or 'Son of the Oak Tree' for males. It originates from Hebrew but also has origins in Irish. The name is popular ...
The name Dara is of Hebrew origin and it is pronounced as Dar-ah. This name is generally used as a girl's name and it means nugget of wisdom. It is a Biblical ...
Darda is a Hungarian name meaning 'a dart'. Its Hebrew variant is Dara meaning 'nugget of wisdom'. The feminine name is not very popular either as a first or surname ...
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