What is the meaning of the prefix fore-?


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What are 6 words with the prefix
The theme of a poem is the message. The speaker can be the author himself or a character invented by the author. The 'fore' in 'forensic' is not the prefix 'fore' Hmmm. I'd guess
It means 'in front of', 'preceding' or 'prior to' Anonymous
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The prefix fore- typically means before. This is prefix is used in several different words such as forecast and foretell. These words mean to do or see something ...
Prefix is a word that is added in front of another word. Some of the words with the prefix 'fore' are foreclosure, forehead, forehold, forejudge, forecast, and ...
Prefixes are words and letters added to the beginning of a word.in order to change it's meaning, If a word with a prefix is dissected the main word is called the ...
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