What is the suffix able and ible?


The adjective suffixes able and ible mean 'capable of' 'fit for, or 'worthy of'
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accessible. addible. admissible. alible. apprehensible. ascendible. audible. bible. biocompatible. coercible. cognoscible. collapsible. collectible. combustible. comestible. commonsensible
219 words. accessible addible admissible alible apprehensible ascendible audible bible biocompatible coercible cognoscible collapsible collectible combustible comestible commonsensible
The suffix -ible means capable of.
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Both of the suffixes are pronounced the same and hold the same meaning; capable of, worthy of, fit for, tending, given, or liable to. They are two of the most ...
The suffix -ble follows the similar meaning of the suffixes -able and -ible. Their meanings are varied and can mean, able to, capable of or moveable. The suffix ...
A word that ends in ible that means can be done is feasible. For something to be feasible it has to have a high probability, not only that it can be done, but ...
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