What are the words on the flag of Brazil?


ORDEM E PROGRESSO, meaning Order and Progress.
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The word "shoot" translates to "tiro" in Portuguese which is spoken by
Boa Noite. Pronunciation really depends on the region but these are the most common ways: Portugal: (Boh-ah No-ee-t) Brazil: (Boh-ah No-ee-chee)
The flag of Brazil contains 27 stars. The constellation of the Southern Cross is on the meridian (indicated by the number 6 in the diagram) To the south of it is Polaris Australis
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The name Brazil is derived from the Portuguese and Spanish word brasil, the name of an East Indian tree with reddish-brown wood from which a red dye was extracted ...
You mean population density? If you take the whole country, the population density is very low. Brazil is as large as Europe, but with 200 million people (while ...
The name Brazil means 'brave' or 'strong' in conflict.' It is of Celtic and Irish origin with similar meanings in both and is used as both a girl and boy name. ...
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