What is the definition of the word gibbous?


convex at both edges, as the moon when more than half full.
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Astronomy (of a heavenly body) convex at both edges, as the moon when more than half full.
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Gibbous (adj.) is marked by convexity or swelling. The etymology is...
My goodness, a GREAT question for a change. Thank you, thank you, thank you, It comes from the Latin word "gibbus" which means "Humpback" You get a star for the
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A gibbous moon refers to a moon whose visibility falls between a full moon and a half moon. The word gibbous means 'protruding' or 'rounded' and is derived from ...
The word gibbous is an adjective that means having the observable illuminated part greater than a semicircle and less than a circle and is used to describe a shape ...
Gibbous has a meaning of more than half but not quite a full moon. Next time you see a moon, take a look and see if it more than half. It is similar to 3/4 of ...
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