What is a sentence using the word inconspicuous?


She wore all black so that she would be inconspicuous in the crowd. The inconspicuous bump on the car's dashboard hid a secret homing beacon.
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not conspicuous, noticeable, or prominent.
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Inconspicuous (adj.) means not prominent or readily
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Average, nondescript,
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The word inconspicuous means not readily noticeable. Synonyms of this word include discreet, unobtrusive, invisible and unnoticeable. An example of this word in ...
Inconspicuous is something or someone that is not clearly visible and doesn't attract attention, To be inconspicuous, you should avoid making eye contact with ...
The word unobtrusive means to be unnoticeable or inconspicuous. It can also mean to be discrete or modest. The word can be used in a statement such as 'Those pants ...
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