What is the root word for magnitude?


The root is. magn. from Latin. magnus. (Compare with. magnify.
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[mag-ni-tood, -tyood]
size; extent; dimensions: to determine the magnitude of an angle.
great importance or consequence: affairs of magnitude.
greatness of size or amount.
moral greatness: magnitude of mind.
Mathematics a number characteristic of a quantity and forming a basis for comparison with similar quantities, as length.
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A great example sentence using the word "magnitude" is "You cannot visit
The base word of magnitude is magni- which means a combining form appearing in loanwords from Latin, where it meant "large," "great": magnify.
(a) component due east = 155 x cos18* = 147.41 km. (b) component due north = 155 x sin18* = 47.90 km.
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Magnitude refers to a great size or extent of something. For instance a number representing the intrinsic or apparent brightness of a celestial body on a logarithmic ...
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