What Does the Word Remit Mean?


Remit is the act of sending money usually as a form of payment.It also refers to the act of pardoning an offence. In law, it refers to the act of referring a case or matter to higher court.
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[v., n. ri-mit; n. also ree-mit]
to transmit or send (money, a check, etc.) to a person or place, usually in payment.
to refrain from inflicting or enforcing, as a punishment, sentence, etc.
to refrain from exacting, as a payment or service.
to pardon or forgive (a sin, offense, etc.).
to slacken; abate; relax: to remit watchfulness.
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Mit is the suffix of the word, meaning "to send"
You still owe us 20 dollars; please remit this sum by return.
She remitted her monthly mortgage payment on time. (meaning she sent her payment - this is the most common use of the verb to remit, although it also means to give relief, as in the
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