What word is the opposite of zenith?


The opposite of zenith (high point, apex) would be. nadir. (lowest point) Other possible antonyms would be minimum or bottom. In astronomical terms, the point in the sky that is directly over your head is the 'zenith' The point in the sky that is
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[zee-nith or, esp. British, zen-ith]
the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer.
a highest point or state; culmination.
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Zenith means the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite
ze·nith (znth) n. 1. The point on the celestial sphere that is directly above the observer. 2. The upper region of the sky. 3. The highest point above the observer's horizon
yes they are correct, some more examples: Sales rose in october and now are 8 per cent higher than in february, where they touched the nadir. Will they hit the nadir of stereotyping
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The word zenith is a noun that means the highest point reached in the heavens by a celestial body. Zenith also refers to the culminating point of something. The ...
Nadir is the opposite of the word Zenith. Nadir is the direction of the gravitational force and the term zenith also refers to the highest point reached by a celestial ...
The meaning of the name Zenith is 'the heavens' or 'the very top'. The name Zenith is of Greek origin. Zenith can be used both as a male or female name and has ...
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