What does Turquoise Look Like?


Turquoise is a smooth greenish, blue rock that is kind of wavy in form. There are many different types though, that can be found all over the world.
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Turquoise looks like a bluish green stone that is smooth and has some imperfections, usually. The highest quality of turquoise is blue rather than having a greenish hue to it. Sometimes, it can have silver in it.
The gemstone turquoise is a bluish green colored stone that is very smooth and has little waves embedded in it. Turquoise is used in a lot of jewelery today.
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Turquoise is like a smooth green rock with a wavy shape. It gets it's name from it's color which happens to be turquoise. There are lots of types and are found in lots of places!
Turquoise goes well with all colors, but especially brown, taupes, olive
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The color turquoise looks like a darker version of aquamarine. Turquoise is basically a mixture of green and blue. It is a bit on the bright side and almost ...
you have to find the right shade but blue or green.. since the turquoise ' to me' looks like either blue or green.... i think the wall you ll be looking at while ...
Turquoise refers to a semi-precious stone, usually opaque and having a greenish-blue colour. The stone consists of the hydrated hydroxyl phosphate of copper and ...
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