Zut Alors and Meaning?


Zut alors is a French phrase that has been used often enough to seem part of our own language in America. The phrase generally is used in an exclamatory manner. It can be used in any number of situations, and is comparable to expressions of shock or concern, such as 'Oh dear!' or 'Good heavens!'
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" The sea! D-n it! " is an English equivalent of the French phrase. La mer! Zut alors! Specifically, the feminine singular definite article. la. is "the" The feminine
"Zut alors" is a French exclamation which can be translated as "good grief", "good heavens", "goodness me" and so on.
It’s French for Damn it ! It is important to notice though that it is pointless to try to literally translate interjections as they are popper to each language and do not necessarily
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