What Footballers Are Gay in the Premiership?


No current premier league footballer has ever declared publicly that he is gay, irrespective of the rumours and speculations that have been going round. However it is very improbable that there are presently no gay players in the Premier League.
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There have been cases of homosexuality among football players in the Premiership title. As of 2010, there were no reports stating openly footballers who were gay. Justin Fashanu was the first black footballer to openly announce that he was gay. However in the Premiership title, Anton Hysén openly came out in March 2011 and announced that he is gay.
Max Clifford is the only gay footballer who revealed to the media that he has represented several gay players.
In the Premier League, homosexuality is considered to be a taboo subject by both players and the media. Few players come out to declare they are gay. Lists of gay players released on various sites depend on speculations and rumours.
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ricardo vaz te.
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What a stupid question. If they're 'secretly' gay nobody is going to know are they? The only answers you'll get are twats saying, well Gerrard takes it up the **** etc etc etc. BORING
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