What happened to Dorothy Krysiuk?


Dorothy Krysiuk, the morning traffic reporter for Boston's ABC affiliate WCVB, left her job to have more time to prepare for her wedding. Her last month of work for WCVB was in July 2013.

Dorothy Krysiuk started her reporting career in Philadelphia after attending Temple University where she earned a communications degree. She first worked for NBC-owned WCAU doing the traffic report. She later moved to FOX affiliate station WTFX. While reporting for WTFX, Dorothy developed the Firehouse Friday series. The show recognized first responders onto a fire scene. She was given an honorary certificate of service by the fire chief of Philadelphia.

She moved to Boston in 2010 and began reporting for News Center 5 in June 2010. On her last day of work for NewsCenter 5, a surprise message was left for her by the Boston MBTA and the Massachusetts department of transportation. Disguised in the voice of a mass transit announcement, the MBTA and DOT announced: “Mass DOT and the MBTA would like to thank her for giving viewers and our customers an inside look at our operations during her time at Channel 5. Good luck at your next stop.”

Fans of Dorothy Krysiuk can find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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"Dorothy Krysiuk is the traffic reporter for WCVB-TV Channel 5’s EyeOpener newscast. ". Dorothy Krysiuk is the traffic reporter for WCVB-TV Channel 5’s EyeOpener
She died because she tripped over a weight and she took to many pills. people might say that she committed suicide but she took to many pills, tripped over a weight, and collapsed
They actually made a play where she followed the red
She was put in an institution. Dorthy couldn't cope with this & died as a result of her depression. She would not be photograhiced under that situation.
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