What Happens When a Court Case Is Adjourned?


Your case can be adjourned if it is obvious to the court that you need further time to provide financial details advice, or if your circumstances are about to change and you wish to present these details to the court. Adjourning a case will increase your costs, as it will involve another hearing at court.
Q&A Related to "What Happens When a Court Case Is Adjourned"
A case can be adjourned for as long as it takes as long as there is sufficent reason for it to be.
Perfectly normal.
If the Supreme Court declines to hear a case, then the lower court's holding is upheld, and applies within the Circuit over which that Appeals Court sits. If there are multiple cases
There is no defined total of permitted adjournments, but your solicitor should apply for the case to be thrown out on the next occasion if it is not ready to proceed. Your solicitor
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