What is 411?


411 is a nation wide number you can call to get information about a home or business. You need to give the operator the name, address or city for the number you need. For more information look here: www.411.com...
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411 has now become a nationwide information system. Any individual can call 411 at any time of the day or night to get a phone number. This is true on land line and cellular phones.
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411 is number used to get information from a local network and service provider. 411 is also a period of calendar naming started in Rome. ...
411 is an acronym, abbreviation slang word used on the internet. The slang means information. An examples of 411 used is whats the 411 meaning what is the information ...
411 is a slang word which means information. It is always associated with confidential information. The word 411 is also associated with gossip or grapevine. ...
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