What Is 585 Gold?


585 gold refers to gold that is made up of 585 parts pure gold and 415 parts other metals like copper, silver and platinum in the alloy. White gold is normally alloyed with palladium or nickel.
Q&A Related to "What Is 585 Gold"
58.5% gold. or 14 carat.
14 carat (millesimal fineness 585)cha cha
Gold is an element. This means that it cannot be broken down into any pieces that are not gold. The chemical symbol for gold is AU. It has an atomic weight of 196.967. It melts at
22 karat gold is 91.3 percent pure. That means that a 22K item contains 91.3 percent gold and 8.7 percent other metals, which are usually silver or copper. 22 karat gold is considered
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