What Is 585 Gold?


585 gold refers to gold that is made up of 585 parts pure gold and 415 parts other metals like copper, silver and platinum in the alloy. White gold is normally alloyed with palladium or nickel.
Q&A Related to "What Is 585 Gold"
Gold is a metal that is malleable and soft in its pure form. Because of these characteristics, gold has to be mixed into an alloy to make its use functional in items such as jewelry
585 is an equivalent marking for 14k gold (real gold, not plated)
Gold is actually a chemical element but is listed in the pure metal family. It's one of the most wanted metals and has always been a symbol of wealth and royalty.
A popular fixture of home shopping channels, PVD gold is an item covered with a gold coating. PVD stands for "physical vapor deposition" a reference to the process used
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