What Is a Aquaculturist?


An aquaculturist is a farmer who practices aquaculture; which is the rearing and harvesting of plants and animals in water. It normally involves cultivating freshwater as well as saltwater populations under controlled conditions. Organisms cultivated include fish, shellfish and aquatic plants.
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[ak-wuh-kuhl-cher, ah-kwuh-]
the cultivation of aquatic animals and plants, especially fish, shellfish, and seaweed, in natural or controlled marine or freshwater environments; underwater agriculture.
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I did a report on aquaculturists and I totally know the answer. Aquaculturists are farmers who breed and grow shelfish, crustaceans, finfish or aquatic plants for profit. Geeeze as
An aquaculturist is one who cultivates aquatic organisms especially for food. ChaCha!
On the water, usually from a boat or more permanent mooring. Land-based aquaculture hasn't really caught on yet.
aq·ua·cul·ture (ăk′wə-kŭl′chər, ä′kwə-) also aq·ui·cul·ture (ăk′wĭ-kŭ
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An Aqua culturist makes approximately $21.63. An aqua culturist studies and provides care for organisms that live in bodies of water, examines the environment ...
There is no surefire to tell. However, most fish owners and aquaculturists use catalogs and measuring tools to determine if a tropical fish is either male or female ...
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