What Is a Bright Streak of Light in the Sky?


A bright streak of light in the sky is usually caused by a meteor as it burns up upon entering the earth's atmosphere. Depending on the size of a meteoroid, it will burn brighter for longer or for a short while if it's a larger or a small one respectively.
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Bright lights in the sky can be caused by many things. For example, there are communication satellites in the sky and they have reflectors, when the satellite is turning, they reflect the sun's light only for a few seconds on a particular spot. This is the most common cause of lights in the sky.
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A meteor is a bright streak of light in the sky hour on an average night. Meteor size is from the size of a grain of sand, to about the size of a grain of rice ...
A meteor is a piece of a meteoroid entering the earth's atmosphere. As it enters the earth's atmosphere it becomes a bright streak of light in the sky. Some people ...
It can be quite a challenge to known what the bright light in the sky you are referring to is as there are many different sources for light in the sky. Some of ...
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